Playable NFT that GENERATES DUNGEONS and EARNS MONEY?! Generative Dungeon is a new NFT that you can actually play, making this a play to earn NFT and their own token on their metaverse roadmap! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

Generative Dungeon merging NFTs and gaming! Generative Dungeon
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Play To Earn games are absolutely the future, it will be the next biggest addiction, imagine gaming, but you can earn huge rewards from it, what an incredible way to monetize your time instead of just spending it or wasting it. Generative Dungeon combines NFTs non-fungible tokens digital collectibles with gaming by making each NFT a procedurally generated pixel art RPG dungeon crawling metroidvania roguelite game?! Generative Dungeon will be loot dropping their own token, a play to earn game, and a PLP PFP profile collection of dungeon crawling NFTs in the future, yeah I am a nerd and yeah I am excited lol!

Opensea NFT marketplace!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 There’s been huge developments in crypto
02:33 Disclaimer, something you want to know before watching the video!
03:26 Turn your time into money with play to earn!
05:00 The Sandbox Project
06:20 HyperX the future of gaming!
07:16 HyperX Goals!
09:33 HyperX have an audit completed by Techrate
10:20 HyperX tokenomics!
12:05 Team members in the hyperX
13:00 HyperX token Holders and addresses
13:45 Getting the hyper token
14:50 Conclusions should you get involved in the hyperX token?

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