Please be aware of Goldshell KD6 pre orders

I was told by my supplier that Goldshell hasn’t officially offered pre orders to anyone! Any sellers showing KD6 have no commitment from Goldshell and are simply taking money with the hopes they will be able to fill the orders! Be aware especially those claiming to sell this at steep discount!


WOW! I was going to work on liquidating some stocks to buy one too!! Man I need to start following you!

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Thanks! Always best to wait for official announcement and not let legitimate suppliers to leverage our $ and scammers to take our $!

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So we are supposed to trust but at the bottom of the page there are no less than 6 companies taking pre-orders for kd6. I guess they are all scammers?

I can’t vouch for all the suppliers listed on asicminervalue because i don’t know where they source their supplies. Not all are scammers. They are taking money right now in the hopes of acquiring the miner later. If you’ve ever run a business before, you’d know what I’m talking about. This is exactly what pre-order is. If you’re willing to let your supplier do this, at least wait for the official announcement from the manufacturer.

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