Please be carefull everyone

Hello, people pls be safe out there I almost got scammed even on the Vosk Coin YouTube channel.

A dude responded to my comment saying he has something to show me…

I almost fell for it, was so happy that Vosk responded to my comment, Dude even dropped his whatsapp number, I didn’t even notice I was so excited, I hopped into his whatsapp thinking it was Vosk himself, then he peached to me a platform that he owned.

The dude claimed to have created a platform for low risk investment up to 80% RIO.
First Red Flag: I’ve watched too much of voskcoin youtube videos to not have come across this so called new platform.

SO I ask a question only a Voskcoin subscriber would know :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:.

This dude said Cramer!

That’s when I knew he fucked up.

Please guys becareful out there happy investing an more profits.Preformatted text


How’d you know it was a dude :slight_smile: jk good info. BritishM----rs.— com almost got me, I did a search on it before buying… I got really lucky because I almost pulled the trigger and sent bitcoin. The site is finally down but was up over a month after they almost scammed me… past week it was shut down. Use care, verify, word of mouth and post a question here before you buy a card or anything out there and paying with bitcoin; Please think before clicking send.



I live by 1 rule, HODL unless it’s to sell to buy more gpu’s to make even more, but smart move enacting a security question. People try to get me on telegram all the time, I just laugh at their pitiful attempts, and sometimes toy with them to have some fun when I’m bored.

So my question is, how is bitcoin ever going to be main street if only the scammmers make money by ripping everyone off? I don’t get it.

Now this is hilarious, well done to keep your cool.