Please help, thanks have a nice day

I woke up this morning to notice nearly 1k usdt drained from my metamask wallet, im freaking out and contacting everybody for help. this is the one place I know that might reply quickly. here is everything I know. there is the etherscan to my metamask wallet, you can view my transactions there. notice I had no eth to begin with so the scammer deposited nearly 50 dollars in eth from a exchange, then withdrew 830usdt.

edit: oh yea they left me 3 dollars in eth to be nice ofc.

Hey welcome aboard! Man I hate hearing this kinda stuff, as I have been ripped off as well, and it was oneway. I didn’t recover one cent, and sorry to say I do not know how to help you (yet). But keep asking around, for me I was so embarrassed that I didn’t say anything for a while.

Are you having any luck.

I made a police report but thats the closest ive got.
Police dont seem to be doing their job. Its been 10 days and nothing from them. Well I wish them luck but the guy laundered the money pretty damn good.

ya, metamask took all my eth too. luckily I didnt have much left at that time