Please Help with crashing Miners

Hey, all i keep getting this message on NBminer. All other miners start create file and then crash.
[12:33:22] ERROR - Mining program unexpected exit.
[12:33:22] ERROR - Code: -1073741819, Reason: Process crashed
[12:33:22] ERROR - Restart miner after 10 secs …
[12:33:22] ERROR - !!!

A few people have reported this problem to Nebutech on Github. So far they have only suggested updating the GPU drivers. I don’t know if that is the fix but probably worth a try. If your drivers are up to date, check your NBminer version and update if needed.

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Running for 5 mins after driver update. Getting a stable run with no more error. Thanks man or woman lol. i think i might have mucked up my bios when trying to re-flash it. The driver update reset the card for me. Just need to get all the Mh/s now lol

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I’m glad that worked. What are you mining and with what GPU? I’m sure somebody here has a good setup to try to improve hashrate.

not much coins for his software GPU Miner ETH, RVN, GRIN, TRB, CKB,AE, BTM, SERO, HNS, BFC, SIPC`, possible mining rvn on nvidia or amd