Please share links of successful ASIC purchases

Please share any asic sellers with which you’ve had successful dealings.



Little overpriced, but I’ve made 11 orders so far and ZERO issues!!


Thank you for the feedback.

I’m Willing to pay a little more to have security and know they can deliver.

step 1.) - go download alibaba app

2.) search “bitcoin miner” or what ever machine your looking for. (you will get a TON on hits, and none of the prices are correct)

3.) any seller that has 2+ years and is verified, message the seller and ask “please send current list of asic miners and prices”

4.) they will respond with a that day only list

5.) find machine you like and ask total price to include shipping (tip; they will negotiate)

6.) finalize the deal and ask for “trade assurance”

7.) if you’re really that worried pay with credit or other form that gives you security.

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Thanks. I’ll try one or two and see if the miner shows up.

Do you know if the L7 9.5Gh will come in stock again. After they are released from presale do they come back in stock. I’m trying to get an idea on how coinminingcentral stock works.

Thank you

Do you think soon coinminingcentral will have L7 9.5 back in stock soon. Or do you know of another legit non scam seller that might get them? Thanks

I have taken this advise and just added one more step, I have a personal contact in Hong Kong who sells gaming computers , so I asked them to be an “agent” for me to go and visit the suppler and do a QC. Wafting for my miners to be shipped, the funds were transferred yesterday.


Let me know what supplier you used if you don’t mind!

Well, it has been interesting. My Agent went and checked and sealed the boxes and wrote the serial numbers. Once the funds were transferred, I got a WhatsApp message from the supplier saying that his tech team “needed to open the boxes again to test them”… my agent spoke to him and found out that they had sold the miners to someone else… so now my agent will send his tech guys to test more miners and choose the two best he can find and then take the miners with them…
the company is Shenzhen DJ Technology Co Ltd
They do have miners and mostly M21S 56 TH and M20S 65 -68 TH , just their business practices are questionable.
If you want to deal with such places, have an agent that will go and test to make sure they are as mentioned ( as much as possible), then if you have a USDT you can pay immediately and have your agent take the miners and ship them to you.

Forget that!! Too much work and too many people controlling your $$$. I do my own research and my own deals. Look around. There are plenty of reputable US based resellers that you don’t have to jump through hoops for!! Jmho

KaboomRacks is legit. Ordered 1 ASIC and a GPU kit from them. They have decent stock from time to time.

I would be happy to buy from the US from someone who is legit, but I have not found anyone with stock and the prices I do find are very high (for me). I want to scale up over 3-4 months to 1000 TH , once this order comes in, I’m at 340 TH … if you have a good supplier … I’m ready to order another two end of this month. Whatsminer M series

As always,, placed over 10 orders with them. Not just with the minis but the 5 series too. Their support and response are :100: Email them
If you don’t see it available they will be able to send you private link with password to make the purchase. Have USDC Erc20 via Coinbase or other wallet to place order.

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They do have a markup on the price. But I just got my LT5 Pro from them 2 weeks ago and its humming along nicely and matches the output estimates I found. It was my first purchase with them and I’m considering another one when they get more stock. After nervously waiting a few days I got the shipping notification and then within a week it cleared customs with DHL and arrived at my door.

I also had a good experience with the kaboom rack guys. I considered flying over there to take direct delivery of some units, theyre in the midwest. Ultimately i made my purchase from i recommend checking out the hardware market verified listings on telegram, id link to it but i dont know how :confused:

Thank you all for the great site for miners, I will make an order in a 2 months, this month Im ordering my immersion cooling system… :cold_face: … i knw it will take me time to get to where i want but i am enjoying this journey