Plug socket and cable help!

Hi Guys recieved my Iceriver KS0 Pro 200G 100W KASPA Miner today but have a weird plug on it want to make sure i get the right adapter or cable to be able to plug it in here in England (and not blow my miner up!) Im a noob to mining so apoligies if its a silly questions

That looks like a 220V plug I would be hesitant to use any adapter to plug it into a standard outlet. I will say if the brick shown comes with it the brick indicates support for lower voltages. I also just zoomed in the plug is a labeled as a 10 amp 250V plug but again that power brick tells a lot more so if the plug goes to that brick make sure your outlet supports the Voltage & Amperage.

thanks for your help got an adapter plug to brick brick to miner so far so good! she is hashing away! If my house burns down feel free to say told u so!

Honestly I would do the same as the bricks specs state it is 100-240V 2A that is only .5A more than a 90W laptop charger.