Plutus token sale

Did anyone who bought during the Plutus token sale received any email with PLU allocation?

Hey Jaccovdk,

David here, the Community Manager over at Plutus.

99% of participants have received their token allocation emails. However, there have been some issues reconciling pledges from those who either:

  • Sent the crypto from an exchange wallet
  • Sent the incorrect amount of crypto
  • Sent insufficient crypto (the minimum participation threshold was 100 PLU, so $800)
  • Some other infrequent edge case

We are still in the process of reconciling a (very) small number of pledges. Where there’s been a delay, those participants have been notified.

If you believe there’s an issue, or would simply like reassurance regarding any aspect of the token sale, please drop an email over to or, alternatively, message me personally via Discord or Telegram.

If you’d like to verify that other participants have received their emails, feel free to join our community in the above channels, and ask away.

We’re very welcoming, promise!

Hope to see you around soon.

All the best,

David Morrison
Community Manager

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Just want to verify @David_Plutus is an actual Plutus team member and not an impersonator.

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