PolarisBiosEditor - not recognizing memory

Hey all,
Anyone have an issue with PolarisBiosEditor not recognizing memory? Trying to biosmod my RX580 8GB with Samsung memory. See my attached photo.

What version are you using? Some links out there are to older revisions that recognize less memory sets.

I’m using 1.6.7 (offline mode)
Is there a newer version?

I think there is a 1.7 release series, though it’s hard to tell what’s legitimate or not just searching for it :confused:

I have a legit 1.7.3 version which is a couple of month old now so I would be looking to find a more recent version to see if that fixes the issue.

I flashed my BIOS. Gpus worked for 12 hours and then kept throwing a driver issue out. Have had to return to stock bios. Bleak

I had the same issue with my 2 rx580’s…never did find a version that would work…both mine have Samsung memory…so I bought another 5700xt :joy::joy:easy fix lol

Haha. That works- I guess I’ll have to ask the wife if I can spend some money.

Found a 1.7.4 version.
No issue modding and gpu’s running. However, after overclocking cc 1410 and mc 2100 I’m getting 30+mh but not getting the profits with NiceHash as I was prior to modding. Market must be down from yesterday.

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1.7.4 worked? Cool I’ll try that one thank you