Pool connection lost automatically for 2 x ASICs Antminer K5

Hi guys,

I bought 2 x Antminer K5 and I recently received them to my home.

I set up these 2 asics to be connected with F2POOL.

At the beginning all was ok, the miners worked all the day.

Now, after 15-20 days, sometimes 1 of the asic loose connection automatically to F2POOL (offline) and i have to reboot it manually. And 15 min after, i loose again the connection.

I don’t know the reason of that, my wifi connection is ok, all cables are ok. I tested also other pool urls and it’s the same problem.

Maybe it’s because of the temperature.

Please check below how i install my 2 asics (anti noise box).

If you have any ideas to solve that thank you in advance for help ^^

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did you update to the latest firmware? also interesting box design, could you share more details and pictures on that?

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Yes i updated with the latest firmware.

I really don’t know what is the problem.

The status is “alive” but in the last box, i don’t have the detail of frequency, avg hashrate etc…

I found a guy on ebay to create my box fo my 2 x K5.

Please find some photos below.
For now, my miners are in my bedroom to make tests but i will move them soon ahah ^^

I didn’t not know how to mining this , I didn’t not yet get d system work