Port 44158 Open - Still Relayed All in One Udee Modem

Called spectrum. 44158 is open on their end, but I’m still getting relayed. This is on a Ubee All in One Modem. Any suggestions?

44158 is open on Spectrum. One of my miners is on Spectrum

you have to open your modem at your home. you have to go in and change the port forwarding. I have a Arris and it works great on it.

Just one question, have you to attempted to open/closed any ports manually on your own? If the answers is yes then get your modem swapped out. I’m assuming your modem is a rental and Ubee is an absolute garbage modem anyhow. If spectrum doesn’t have any other modem available then I’d suggest purchasing your own. By factory default the modem should already be good to go. I have customers everyday who, once they’ve started messing with ports, have continuous issues. You think it’d be harmless if you changed things back to the original configuration but there’s something about the firmware that causes issues afterwards. I have to school every gamer I come across because they read something online that told them to mess with port forwarding.

Bottom line, if you swap out your modem and you’re still having the issue then you need to look elsewhere for the cause.

This for a Helium miner. It’s a commercial account. Unlike residential account where I can make changes in the router settings, I have to call tech support for them to open the port. It’s open on their end, but not on helium explorer. Is there something that they could be leaving out? Ie, turn of UPnP or possibly creating a private IP that needs to be open?

go to this website


it should automatic put your current IP address in … you enter 44158 and click the check button … what does it read?

Ill go to the location and check it out.

Would need to reboot the miner after they open the port?

I dont remember the exact process I used.

The important part is to verify that you see the port open. Not going to hurt to reboot the miner once you see the port open. Just leave it alone for 2 days however before relying on the websites out there to show the miner is not in relayed mode. I had one miner that refused to show NOT RELAYED and it really was not an issue on my side. It was the HNT network catching up and knowing this. I even had one day my miner all the sudden showed RELAYED. I did not touch it like so many people would. I left it alone and 2 days later all was fine. The information on the HNT websites is slow slow slow to update.

Awesome Man! Thank you so much. I’ll check it out before I change the modem.