Possible Goldshell Hs5 for sale

I ve been struggling with this for awhile now and i ve been flip floppy on it but i made a post in the asic miner section introducing myself. i said i have a Goldshell hs5 that i ordered in february and its currently being delivered to me in the mail. I have a problem though, i dont really have a safe place to setup and store the miner safely. By safely i mean i cant keep in my mom’s house it s too noisy and the shed i have in the backyard is not very sturdy, someone can hear it and easily break into it. i have no fence around our property. i didnt think this through enough when i bought it i was just so excited to buy a miner with my poker winnings haha. Anyhow i havnt made up my mind what i should do. I have two options, one, find a safe place to setup and keep the miner or two, sell it. If i do decide to sell it i can prove i am legit and not a scammer . When the miner get to my place in a couple days i can provide photos through this marketplace thread. I will also provide voskdiscord although i am not sure to set that up yet. To be honest i am leaning more towards selling this miner my lost is someone’s else gain i guess. To get an idea of how much to let this miner go for i looked on ebay and they had one that sold for 9600 through auction on june 7 yesterday. i couldnt find any others that sold there. If anyone is interested what would you guys be willing to buy this Hs5 for? Ok sorry if this post is long but i am for real no scam here i can prove it. Vosk please dont ban me for this post even if its a bit unorthodox, thanks i ll update this post later on.

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3,499.00 this is what you paid for it!

@brent_malo - Have you sold this miner?

U can set it up at my place il pay electricity split it with ya