Possible scam site

I think I was scammed from www.antminer.io

what happened

I ordered a bitmain antminer b7 from www.antminer.io and paid via PayPal a week ago. The order is still “on hold” waiting for payment. I tried to email and send a message through the site but haven’t gotten any response. I’ll keep trying to contact them and if I get any updates I’ll let you know the site is legit but as of now people might want to stay clear of it.

Well at least its through papypal, you can cancel payment

Refund the B7 through PayPal, it mines Bytom which is no longer mineable. I dont know what you payed, but you payed for an aluminum brick.

Hello friends,

Im new in crypto and i know few stuff.
I wanna know if this site is for real or is an SCAM site cuz it seem real.

Thanks for the replies.