Possibly got scammed out of some BTC...need advice

Hello Vosk Family,

My name is Jesse and new to the community. Needing a little guidance on how to find out if i am dealing with a fake trading exchange. Can anyone tell me if anyone on here has traded using tradeclassified.com, its apparently a crypto leverage web trading platform. I can’t tell if this is a legit exchange or run by scammers? I got a whatsapp contact from one of the VOSk channel videos comments page by the name of Randy who guides people on how to leverage trade with btc. He says he is a signals provider and only collects commision after 8 weeks of trading following his signals. I went ahead and registered with the exchange he recommended (tradeclassified.com) and transfered 2 btc from my coinbase wallet to that exchage. I know, i know, my stomach is turning after i did this and kicking myself for doing so without researching that exchange thoroughly! Anyways, He has been providing buy and sell signals for 1 week now. He even gave me a demo on how to place leverage trading after i registered. After about 1 week of experimenting with some btc leverage trading, it seems to going well according to the wins and losses transactions I’ve made. I went ahead and created a withdrawal from that fishy exchange and transfered a small amount of btc back to my coinbase wallet successfully. However, i am now getting very nervous this platform will keep my btc hostage or disappear after a few weeks of trading. I can’t find anything on the web that indicates anything negative about their platform. Also, cannot tell if they are regulated. Lastly, i have done some research and found that there are many sophisticated websites that pose as legit exchanges to only scam people out of thier btc! I am literally crapping on myself for making this move! Any guidance or any constructive info about my situation would be appreciated, thanks!

Any news on this Jesse? I just spoke with Randy for the first time today.

Pretty much any post on YouTube advertising a service on one of Vosk’s videos is likely from a scammer, especially one that is advertising something from someone on Whatsapp.