Possibly got scammed out of some BTC...need advice

Hello Vosk Family,

My name is Jesse and new to the community. Needing a little guidance on how to find out if i am dealing with a fake trading exchange. Can anyone tell me if anyone on here has traded using tradeclassified.com, its apparently a crypto leverage web trading platform. I can’t tell if this is a legit exchange or run by scammers? I got a whatsapp contact from one of the VOSk channel videos comments page by the name of Randy who guides people on how to leverage trade with btc. He says he is a signals provider and only collects commision after 8 weeks of trading following his signals. I went ahead and registered with the exchange he recommended (tradeclassified.com) and transfered 2 btc from my coinbase wallet to that exchage. I know, i know, my stomach is turning after i did this and kicking myself for doing so without researching that exchange thoroughly! Anyways, He has been providing buy and sell signals for 1 week now. He even gave me a demo on how to place leverage trading after i registered. After about 1 week of experimenting with some btc leverage trading, it seems to going well according to the wins and losses transactions I’ve made. I went ahead and created a withdrawal from that fishy exchange and transfered a small amount of btc back to my coinbase wallet successfully. However, i am now getting very nervous this platform will keep my btc hostage or disappear after a few weeks of trading. I can’t find anything on the web that indicates anything negative about their platform. Also, cannot tell if they are regulated. Lastly, i have done some research and found that there are many sophisticated websites that pose as legit exchanges to only scam people out of thier btc! I am literally crapping on myself for making this move! Any guidance or any constructive info about my situation would be appreciated, thanks!

Any news on this Jesse? I just spoke with Randy for the first time today.

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Pretty much any post on YouTube advertising a service on one of Vosk’s videos is likely from a scammer, especially one that is advertising something from someone on Whatsapp.


Send me a pm to chat. Just saw this

@JesseV - any update on this situation? 4 more weeks down the road on your 8 week course. How are things going at this point?

Its a SCAM! They will ask you to fund your account after you register on their site by sending your btc to their site wallet address . They will then send trade signals for you to enter in their site which simulates active trading. The site transactions will report profits/losses in BTC. And of course it will show healthy profits to stimulate euphoria so you can send more btc. Once you try to withdrawal anything close to what you have sent, they will stone wall you with bullshit terms and conditions about you having to be an active trader for 14days . Once those 14 days expire and call them out on your pending withdrawal, they will say you need to pay a ridiculous “tax” fee that you cannot deduct from reported profits even if you are only withdrawing your original investment (not profit). Basically asking you to send more btc in order to allow you to withdraw you own btc from their site. Once you call them out again, they will stop responding to your emails/ chats and eventually lock you out of their site. By then, you will realize you’ve been stone cold robbed of your hard earned btc. Stay away!

Thanks for the update. Were you able to retrieve any of your investment? I’ve seen a few similar situations posted online, but no one follows up so others can beware. Scammers are getting more and more creative everyday.

No, I have not been successful in retrieving anything but frustration from those fraudsters. They are trolling the comments sections on all these crypto channels phishing for more victims. Although its ultimately the viewers responsibility to not fall for this stuff. Youtube and all the Crypto influencers should help with more awareness surrounding these types of scams. It will only get worse as crypto/staking and all other forms of revenue generated from non-traditional markets become more main stream.

I agree that Youtube and all of the Crypto influencers should bring more awareness to scams as they come up. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully this will help someone to avoid becoming another victim.

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