POW Mineable Coins with "Bright" future

First of all let me wish you Happy New Year and all the best in 2022 and beyond.
I am sure we have some smart people around and I would like to pick your brains and see what could be POW coins with bright future but still in pre-FOMO stage or ones which had already some fame in past but are not sexy / profitable enough these days.
I am big KDA believer and luckily I managed to get in KDA before all this FOMO madness and beside KDA I am mining LTC/DOGE, HNS, CKB, LBC, BTC
I am trying to be positioned in different coins and I think it is always good to be in something before everybody jumps on it just cause it is making a lot of money at the moment.
I am open to see different options and it can be ASIC, GPU or CPU mineable.
Thanks in advance for your opinion and let’s have some good ideas and discussion!

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Excellent question. I 2nd this question.

would be interested in finding out too.

It seems people are busy chasing KDA miners, or looking for re-sellers which will not scam them :slight_smile:
Now bit more seriously, the reason I was asking question is that this topic could be iteresting for more people and we can find some good ideas. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to deep on this and I would appreciate some guidance from more experience people, I will of course do my homework/research as I always do to come to some conclusion but this will take some time.
In order to start wth something what is your opinion about Grin coin.
I like the concept in general what I am not sure I like is unlimited supply in time, I know it is quite difficult to cash out and what I like is the chart since it seems to be quite down and if this crypto market will start recovering there is a good chance it will move up. I bought G1 mini just to have small exposure which I expect to come in few weeks. I am thinking about G1 as well but I am in early stage of research and bit too soon to make conclusion. Let me know what you think…

FWIW, chasing KDA miners makes a lot of sense so long as you don’t get destroyed by reseller markup. The coin is amazing to mine. Sure, there are risks. KDA price collapsing is the biggest one. But right now it’s really the best coin to mine if you can get miners are a good cost.

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I would definitely look into FLUX


I mine using ASIC, Node and GPU rig. I started mining FLUX from this year as the ETH difficulty is on the raise and I think FLUX will give me a choice of another coin in my wallet. Having said that I also have one Strong Node which is generating 1 Strong every 10-11 days.

From the other forums, I see that people are mining Ravencoin and FLUX alot. If ETH does go to 2.0 sometime this year (hope not) then all the other coin difficulties will raise drastically.

Do take a look at BRISE token for investment as it shows lot of growth potential and have very good development pipeline unlike other meme coins.


@SkyGamer @SandeepKarnati Thanks a lot FLUX is on my list I started to read more about it and running a node might be a nice option as well. Beside others they have some partnership with Kadena if I am not wrong.
At the moment I do not have dedicated GPU mining rig just 4 gaming computers which are mining when nobody game on them. Since I am bit tired of actual ASIC market I am considering to build a rig starting with 2 x Nvidia 170 HX and scale up over the time to 6 or 8 cards to have some dedicated rig for new coins when ETH is gone to POS.
I have not heard of Brise yet, but thanks for the tip I will check it out.
I really appreciate your inputs!


One more suggestion, try researching about 30** (specially 3060TI) Nvidia cards before committing to 170 HX. The 170 HX are good cards but they are more aimed for ETH mining and the 30** cards regardless of whether they are LHR or Non-LHR will give you the same hash rate in their series if you are mining other algo other than ETH.

The 170 HX can give you 160-165 MH for ETH with a price tag which is 3 times a 3060TI LHR card for us in NZD and the OC settings are locked for ETH mining for 170 HX and no one knows how hard or easy it is for those cards to get into alternative algo in future.

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Yes I was looking on these as well and from re-sell point of view 30XX series can be in much better position than 170 HX since you can still sell them or just use it for gaming later on. 170 HX is still not available and probably it will be in the course of Jan - Feb.
I could find just this for 170 HX and other algos.

For the moment I am going with 2 x 3080 ti LHR to get started and I will scale up over the time. Is there any particular preference for MOBO and CPU to run GPU rig. I will use my old components X99A II MoBo with i7 6850K CPU - since i have upgraded my PC recently and I have them available. Once moving to more cards I will buy something more suitable with more PCI slots. - I was looking at AsRock H510 Pro BTC+ What is related to CPU I see people buying rather efficient CPUs I assume CPU is not very important to run GPU rig.

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I only have one GPU rig ( got late to the party but no regrets) which has a B250 BTC Motherboard and as far as I know CPU is not very important as it’s only required for the OS to run smoothly. The important though is cooling, temps and OC settings.

There is an ocean of info out there and I don’t think I am qualified to comment on deep dive information.

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