Power cables for Miners?

Anyone know of a US based company I can buy power cables for a KA3? I messaged the guy I bought it from and he told me he wasn’t sending the power cables. (Dont know why he’d need them.) Anyway, any input eill be appreciated!

I think the veteran miner sells custom cables (like 16 awg instead of the normal 18) might check with him


Okay, do you know how i contact him?

I think he has a website called “Theveteranminer” its a .com link. should be first result


Alright so i talked to him and he said he doesn’t sell aSIC chords but after i read him the specs he said that he thinks it requires a C13 or C14 chord and maybe even a C19. I was hoping that somebody thats currently mining with a KA3 in the US could confirm which one it is. Unfortunately when you google it, the results aren’t unanimous and difficult to find.

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I think its c13, but im not positive. Can someone with a ka3 confirm?

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I have several for sale that were used less than 3 weeks if interested I can ship out as soon as tomorrow

You have the chords for the KA3 miner for sale? How much?

Also, if you could tell me what power supply you run, I would greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I’m doing changes with my farm I have tripp lite metered PDU and all power cords

Tripp Lite Heavy Duty Power Extension Cord Cable 20A 12AWG C19 to C20 6ft 6’

P005-010. Tripp Lite Heavy Duty Power Extension Cord Adapter 15A 14AWG C14 to C13 10ft

If interested and want more info let me know I can take a phone call or FaceTime if interested to see more of what I have available

Dude, is that your set up? It looks good!! Okay Mr. Mike, so you have to talk to me like Im a newbie, because I am. Can I use a PDU instead of a power supply? Or is it one in the same? Can i run multiple off one pdu, or do you have one dedicated to each miner?

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Also Mr. Mike, is that the right pdu for a KA3 miner?

A pdu is what’s plugged into your outlet then the cable goes from the pdu to asic and only one big miner on a pdu you will still need psu

If the PDU goes from the outlet to the plug in the wall, and also to the ASIC where does the power supply come in? Sorry just trying to connect the dots.

The psu is on the ka3

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Oh!! So I don’t have to buy a psu, I thought you were saying that I would still need a PSU. So it sounds like I need the power cables, the pdu, an ethernet switch, and an ethernet cable. As well as a 240v outlet with a 30amp breaker switch and I should be set? I appreciate your input smokey!

30amp breaker to Outlet to PDU, C cables from PDU to Asics power supply. Power on and you’re ready as far as powering up goes. I like to use metered PDU at my home operations so I can see the amps that is drawn while other appliances are going to be safe. If we have too much running in my house I can then power down certain electronics to keep the load at a safe level

You can do a variation it doesn’t have to limit at “one big miner” it’s the Amps pulled at a safe level around 80% of the breaker

I’ve had a big miner and several smaller miners on a PDU, as long as it’s within 80% of the max load of 100%