Power conditioning and UPS

For running 240v what do you do to make sure you have clean power?

something like that @NachLibre 241831409_1602997713368716_7683171292840882066_n|690x395

something like that @

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Clean install.

Do you have surge protection or anything else?

Wow I ran a 60amp service 75 ft from the main panel, installed a sub panel and dedicated 240v circuits and a dedicated 30amp pdu receptacle for less than half of that. I am an electrician though so no labour charge :slight_smile:

You can use a surge protector if you want For insurance personally don’t. Never been an issue historically in my region

You run them at 240?

measured at 250v from wall

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Stopped down at the warehouse tonight to draw up some plans. Got 100amp dedicated and was suggested a surge protector would be a good option.

The guy doing the wiring showed me a breaker that also has a surge protector for $170. Another option is a breaker box, surge protector for an outdoor ac condenser.

Things are moving along, thanks for the input so far, I showed him your setups and he liked them.