Power protection for my rig

Hi guys, finally I build my first rig, a little 4x 5700xt red devil beast and I’m pretty happy for now. Planning on buying a UPS but not in a hurry (all my cash spent for the rig) and I was thinking about my unused recording studio stuff: I have a Furman M-10x E power conditioner (here the specs https://warehousesound.com/r/furmanM10LXE-M10XE.pdf) do you guys think it should do a good job for the rig? In particular I’d love to have some kind of protection against strikes and power spikes in general. As far as I can read from the specs it says “The SMP circuit is not simply designed to protect
from a catastrophic surge, such as a lighting strike it is engineered to provide maximum life to connected equipment, but also offers protection from the dozens to hundreds of small spikes and surges your equipment is exposed to on a daily basis”.
What do you guys think about?

use ups for rig is not point, only if in your are every day power down more of 5min you can use ups to keep run rig without stop other wise you spend money for nothing as to keep run rig like 1h you need powerful ups and it will cost 2x more what you pay for your rig. small spikes nothing will happen to rig as is nothing different between mining rig and standart desktop pc if your desktop pc psu not blow in 1 year with small spikes not blow and you miner psu.btw all psu have spike protection only huge spike can blow your pc even if you install expensive ups it will blow your ups and will cost you more for replace it

Thank you for your reply. So maybe better invest in One more gpus instead of UPS. But since I have that power conditioner could be a good idea to put in my rig as an extra protection layer?

Can’t hurt anything lol.