Power supply issues

Hi everyone.Happy new year

Please could I get some advice on PSU power? I had a 1300w platinum and 1200w gold psu. Both of which have blown the rails on the riser supply side. I don’t use more than 2 risers per Sata cable and the consumption vs output was in line.

Do I look for an asic miner power supply instead? AtX power just isn’t holding up

Most Big power supplies have many pcie and peripheral connectors but just one rail. Max, 2 SATA risers per cable is correct but could a cable be shorted? The same rail should also go to the pcie cables that attach to your video cards. Are any of those cables or cards shorted?
Shouldn’t pull more than 1000 watts on the 1300 watt platinum supply.
Shouldn’t pull more than 900 or so on the 1200 watt Gold supply.
I thought today’s power supplies had Over Current Protection? Voltage foldover.
Hopefully you didn’t plug a CPU cable into the GPU.
No other advice other than to use a meter and get to the bottom of this

Using SATA connectors is your problem right there. If you do any reading on risers, you’ll quickly find just how cheaply made SATA connectors are and how you should never ever use them on risers.


Cheers, thanks for the tip. Only issue here is the risers available tend to be moles or sata, 6 pin pcie are few and far between. Will keep my eyes peeled

if push comes to shove moles are better then sata connectors. risers can draw more power then then sata was designed to handle. I personally mined ravencoin on a rig using sata for risers and melted the connector.

gpurisers.com get 9s or 10s model
use code Red Panda or Red panda mining

How are you powering the 6 pin on the riser card. Most PSUs don’t come with that option. You have molex or sata.
Are you converting your peripheral to pin? Are you using a 6pin to 6 pin from the peripheral port?

Interested to know as I want to make my risers stable.

Cheers, thanks

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If all 8 pin or 6+2 pcie cables are being used by GPU’s, I use the SATA cables with a SATA to 6 Pin adapter. Use only 2 SATA connections per cable on risers.

Check if your psu has a 6+2 pcie connector. It will look like the one in the image

Yeah, I’m considering buying 6pin male to 6 pin male connectors and running that ogg my peripheral ports to get away from sata.

The best pcie riser I can get here in RSA is an 8s, so I’m going to try 6 and see what happens

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The 6 pin peripheral connectors on the power supply do not match the pinout of the 6 pin Pcie male connector.
Google the power supply connections and you will see. For instance, pcie 8-pin has a ground and sense pin at the end then 6-pins with 3 + on bottom and 3- on top. The CPU connector is different and the polarity is reversed, 3+ on top and 3- on bottom. The peripheral connection is even more different with blank pins and top and bottom interleaved. Google the connections and you’ll see.

P.s. That’s why you may find it hard to find a 6 pin male to male cable (except for maybe a mac or i-apple).
You can use the 8 pin to 4+4 CPU cable with adapter to rewire it to 6+2 pin pcie. It is basically a splitter that fits the end of the 2nd cpu cable and adapts it to pcie. Available on Amazon.