Power supply problems

I bought a 750W power supply and the X11 amp breakout board to power two KD box pros but it keeps shutting off on me randomly. It will run fine for hours and then all of a sudden cut out. I bought it all from parallel miner. Any one have any ideas?

Can only guess the psu or x11 is faulty. I run 4 Goldshell box’s from a hp1200 platinum psu and x11 with no problems from parallel miners. I believe parallel miners have a 3 month warranty on their kit. I also had an x11 just go down also. I’m guessing you don’t have another psu or x11 to swap them out intern?

The X11 might be bad. It will give me a yellow light but no green light. So it’s getting the power, just not sending it.

You can try to upgrade the firmware