Power Supply Questions

Howdy all, new member here. Watching Vosk videos got me into mining.
First rig, I bought a EVGA1600 to go with my Asus B250. I can see now that was a mistake as you need separate power supplies for each section of that board. If I was going to use more than 6 cards, I should have gotten a couple of EVGA 1200’s.

So, my question is should I keep the EVGA1600 to build a rig with a newer ASUS motherboard, with say 8 to 9 GPUs? The advantage of the EVGA1600 is that it has 9 VGA connectors as compared to 6 connectors on a EVGA1200. The con is it costs twice as much. Any comments would be appreciated!

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If you bought it new, I would return it since I’m sure it cost a lot. What GPUs are you planning on running? That will dictate what you need for the PSU(s),

I would like to get eight of the 3050 or 3070s.

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Reports are in from miners that show them mining RTX 3080’s @ 210-220 Watts are getting 94-97 MH/s.
Max wattage on a 15 Amp circuit is 1800 Watts so a 1600 Watt power supply will work there. At 80% load you can supply 1280 Watts continuously. This will power a Maximum of 6 RTX 3080’s provided you use AfterBurner or equivalent to lower the power level to 60% or 210 Watts. With 3060’s or 3070’s you could run 8 3070 GPU’s or 9 3060 GPU’s provided you set the power level around 60%. Set the power level 1st, then start the miner. You don’t need two smaller power supplies for the RTX 3060 or RTX 3070. Amazon has an adapter for converting the CPU2 power supply connector into another Pci-e connector… that would give you 10 pcie outlets.

This is my 5700XT Beast 8X. It’s powered by a single 1600W PSU from EVGA. Also you actually DO NOT need a separate PSU for each section of the B250 Mining. I use it with my 8X 1660TI Rig. 2 of the cards are on on section B and hooked up to my single 1200 watt PSU plugged into A. I’m not entirely sure but I think the extra PSU connections function more like a add2psu.

And to add to something Dolly said…make sure you take into account if your overclock and undervolt software crashes!!! If your cards go full bore at max power when the software crashes you run the risk of destroying your PSU. I like to make sure I have plenty of wiggle room on the PSU, even it it means its not running super efficiently. Considering crypto rigs are a hefty investment I choose to play it safe.