Powering LT5 Pro

Newbie here! I have a LT5 Pro on its way. I have a 240v 30 amp PDU into a 240v 30amp outlet. The PDU only has C13 connections can I use a C14 to C19 cord? I’m lost and cannt figure out it that is allowed or if I’ll over power the cord!! Any help is appreciated …

Ps it’s my first big unit I want to get it right.

Lt5 will use c19 to c20.

Does it have to be rated for 20 A? Or 15 A?

Either one is fine. the machine is running at 10amp, you’re fine using both.

I’m sorry it runs less than 10amp. got mixed up with ck5 lol

Thanks … so theoretically I could use a C 14 to C 19 to go from my PDU to the unit

I never tried that combination, so I wouldn’t know. I only used c19 to c20

Oh wait, your model is LT5 PRO. never mind this miner uses over 12amps of electricity. Go with c19 to c20. your pdu should have access to it.

Nope I bought a pdu with only c13 … everything else was sold out but I just found a pdu with c 19 ports I’ll have to get that … thanks for the help