Powering two gpu's with 1 cable?

Hi everyone! Sorry for the misleading question, my issue is not exactly that. I’m doing a dual PSU mining rig where I only have available 3 cables for 3 gpus.

The gpus require

  • 1 x 6pin
  • 1 x 8pin
  • 2 x 8pin

My available cables are
750w PSU: 2 strands of 8pin with 6pin
550w PSU: 1 strand of an 8pin with 6+2pin

Currently, the 2 (8pin) strands are powering the dual 8 pin GPU and have their remaining 6 pin ends loose. I was wondering if I could use a splitter that joins both 6 pins and converts them to a single 8pin to power the other 8 pin card while the remaining 3rd card (6 pin) is powered individually with its own strand.

Is it better if I do this or have the 8pin card powered individually and the 6pin card sharing one of the “loose” connectors of the dual strand that is powering the dual 8pin?

All I can say is don’t over work the rail. Pulling too much power will burn your psu and possibly your rig.

You can use one strand 8 plus 6 pin to run your 1 x 8 pin card and 1 x 6pin card

The card that requires the 2 x 8 pin. Use the 8 pin with the 6+2.

Hope this helps

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