Powerpool.io Scrypt mining review

Hey guys. So on reddit I saw a guy posting about a new pool he was running, he said it was more efficient at swapping coins and paid a bit higher than litecoin pool so I thought I’d give it a try for a week.
It currently only pays in Bitcoin but he said this weekend he is going to add Litecoin as a payout option and also I asked if he will support Mweb addresses and he said yes so Im happy with that. Payouts seem to be once a day.

Anyways heres the numbers after one week (to the very hour)
Running a L7 9.05gh I have earnt 0.0079 bitcoin and using a conversion that is 2.86 Litecoin
I also had Litecoinpool as my backup pool and that earns 0.03 litecoin in that time

Im not entirely sure about how its profitability stacks up against Litecoin pool because when I first started Litecoin pool PPS was 285% and now it’s 295%. I was earning 0.395 Litecoin per day at 285% and now the calculator is saying 0.41 Litecoin at 295%.

I’ll be sticking around for the Mweb payments, and this has been my best experience in getting paid in Bitcoin compared to Nicehash.

I have a referral code but not sure what that actually gets me Im assuming a discount on future pool fees so if you sign up feel free to use my code cd6470d2

And if anyone wants to talk to the pool operator his reddit handle is Western_Engine_9840 (u/Western_Engine_9840) - Reddit and he is super friendly



Thanks for sharing!

Update, they enabled LTC as a form of payment and I received payment to my Mweb address. Real happy with it!

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They’ve added Dogecoin as a payout option and I reckon they said on their discord that they payout hourly now. Praise the lord stack some dogecoin!