PPS or PPLNS Eth mining

Which is more profitable from your guys personal experiences? Currently mining on claymore/2miners

pps give you stable earnings and lower profit,pplns give higher eraning depend of pool luck. 2miners is better run phoenix more stable of claymore lower dev fees

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The miner crashes within hours on phoenix and spews stale shares (5700xt) no oc :confused: only rig to have the issue. I’ll stick with 2miners , thanks for the help

you have overcloked to much your gpus if crashing or use wrong settings for phoenix

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Overclock settings untouched, one of the GPUs is originally a 5700 that I flashed into an xr. I thought it may be the problem. Hard to tell as phoenix doesn’t seem to give info on what card is causing the stale shares. I’ll just add them one at a time until I find the culprit I guess cheers

run card on claymore second on phoenix and you will see with one crash. in your case shut crashing moded card