Pre-built Rig Vs Building your own

I already bought a mining cave rig about 3 years ago and its running strong even now. Should I go with a pre-built mining cave rig for about $3700-$3900 or build my own? I priced it on Amazon with 5700 XT XFX III and its about $3300 for all new parts.
Let me know if anyone has experience with this stuff.

I bought my mining cave rig via the link from Vosk back in the day! it was nice to get me into the whole minig space so thanks for that dude!

I build my own. I have a 8x 5700XT Rig that I finished a few weeks ago. I got 6 of the cards from a super sale on newegg and the other two I traded for locally. If able put it together yourself. There are plenty of people here who can help you with any troubles that may arise.

Thanks Tom. I am unable to upload images here yet as i wanted to share my cart’s pic. I am still searching for cheaper cards which keep evading me. I will probably just buy the new parts.

Any recommendations on powering risers? Would really like recommendations on a PSU that can help power 6 GPU’s and Riser’s without using Sata. i.e. 6 to 8 direct from riser to psu. Is that even a good idea?

reason for the ask: When i ran KaPow, it burnt two of my cables (SATA) and I had to replace it. one of my 1070 is probably busted as well. Still haven’t dissected it.

I power my risers through the 6 pin connector. I use a splitter and power 2 risers per cable. I haven’t tried mining Ravencoin on my amd rig yet so I have no idea if my cables will burn lol. I also use a 1600 watt EVGA g2 for my PSU on my 5700xt rig. I managed to make it a single GPU rig due to the 9x VGA ports on the back of it.

When your cables burned were you undervolting? For example, when my 1660TI rig was mining ravencoin I had my cards undervolted with afterburner to roughly 65%. If you check some of the topics you’ll probably see pictures of my 2 rigs.

Nope. I was not undervolting, the darn PSU power socket got burnt out where one of the pin connectors got burnt. Twice with different cables! never had this issue with another algo. unsure if its really the Algo that increases wattage or something.
Is this the PSU you mentioned?
Do i need a HP Server side power or is this good? Let me know if you have a link and a picture to the powering of the risers that would be super helpful. Guess I will buy the rig myself. hopefully its not a 3.3k mistake :stuck_out_tongue:
Lets plan for the worst and hope for the best !

That’s the PSU! And its kinda hard to get a photo but the 6 pin connector on the riser is connected to a 6 pin splitter that’s plugged into one of my sata plugs.

you wanna power up riser safety? buy antminer s9 power supply you can power 12x riser plus 1600watt psu with his psus you can mining even rvn without any hazard of melting wires. i have spare asic s9k psu try today power up 12x risers and 12x gpu with 1600watt psu mining rvn for 6h all wires is cold plus i can save money fpr buy 2x 1600watt psu and use asic psu it save for me 150usd

Thanks guys!
After a lot of deliberation, I am not buying the 5700XT now. Will wait for Navi to drop and get a cheaper deal on the new rig parts :slight_smile:
I did buy a couple of PCI-1 splitters and a couple of 1660Tis for cheap though. Waiting for that delivery to come in. Plan on adding the two 1660Tis to my existing 1070 rig.
Total of 6 GPUs = 4 1070 + 2 1660Ti.
Would need help after I put that in and run into issues. took me 2 -3 weeks debating on a new rig and then going with just adding a couple of extra GPU’s.
one of my 1070 needs troubleshooting as it wont read, the other i removed and added to an old PC to start nicehash. been running profitably for a bit.

You might he shooting yourself in the foot. Having the old PC running is adding to your electricity expense. If one of your 1070’s isn’t reading put that cars in your old PC and see if it works or more a known working card to that spot and see if the problem persists. Could be a bad riser or bad usb cable or whatnot. I just took apart my duominer and added the cards to my 1660ti rig to save on electric.

hmm… I did try and change the GPU to one of the working slots and still didnt read. example: took out GPU 2 (funtioning) and replaced with GPU 1 (dead), that way now i know its using a working riser which has power. Still nada.

I think i will prolly see if i can fix this 1070 and then add it to the old XPS as well. Just saw that 1000$ build video! i want to mine Eth for as long as it runs so i can pay get some money and then may be shift over to other coins. 1070 is giving me a surprising ~ hash rate of 29 mh/s.