Prebuilt Bitcoin Mining Container - 6 Month Review - Digital Shovel

I have been mining with my Digital Shovel Minipod for over 6 months now, it is a pre-built plug and play Bitcoin and Crypto mining container – it’s supposed to make it easy to deploy and scale a mining farm, but is this pod really worth it? Buy your own miner here!

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In 2022 Digital Shovel sent us the Minipod M300 to review, and it quickly became a key piece of the Bitcoin mining farm I was building out, and yes I also love altcoin crypto mining lol! Anyway, mining is the best way to earn passive income so a plug and play mining rig container made a lot of sense to quickly deploy and scale mining farms… so how has the Digital Shovel pod actually held up over the last 6 months of mining, and is the Digital Shovel BTC mining container worth buying or would you be better off converting a shed or shipping container into your own DIY BTC Crypto mining farm? Let’s review and find out!

When I received the Digital Shovel -
First time I started mining with the Digital Shovel -

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Mining bitcoin in the digital shovel minipod
00:50 A plug and play Bitcoin mining container?
02:16 A look inside the Digital shovel
03:40 How am I powering this mining container
05:28 A tripping breaker?
06:22 The network switchers inside the miner
07:30 I keep building crypto mining sheds!
08:40 Fans and heating the mining container
10:22 How many miners am I running?
11:16 A smaller scale Nanopod?
12:00 A new immersion mining container from Digital shovel?
12:23 Problem solving with Digital Shovel
13:00 A premium quality container
13:45 Is it worth it?
15:53 Digital Shovel Problems
16:40 Upgrading the airflow in the minipod
17:30 Mobility and Security
18:31 Check out the article if you want to know more!

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Prebuilt Bitcoin Mining Container - 6 Month Review - Digital Shovel

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