Price Predictions On Boss Coins?!

Long story short everything I saved is gone… just cried my eyes out at my fathers house. Anyone have any idea what btc, eth, and ada might go down to? Eth just broke below a grand holy shit…trying to figure out the best entry to go back in, which coin at what price would be the best target? Suggestions? Please respond im hurtin right now…

It is an unrealized loss as long as you dont sell. The market goes up and down in a cycle. The last bear market was in 2018. Then bullish until the end of 2021. Just hold on.

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Do not sell. Im not. I do hope and believe crypto will eventuLly cycle upward. In fact Im hoping it drops futher so I can scoop up more. Ironically, when BTC girst appeared on my radar at $10 or $20 per coin we were so tight financially that i opted to make ends meet instead of buying. I could have eventually made hundreds of thiusands but I chose to be responsible after resigning from my job FW or a major life change. Turned out I was diagnosed with several fisabilities triggered by Army trIma. And now that we’re stable Im truing to get into crypto maininly for fun. The miners are way over priced.


Thats what I meant I was expecting everything to drop lower, was hoping for it because I was so late on BTC and ETH…but Im thinking it might be smarter at my average joe income level to try to stack up to an entire eth coin instead of chasing a whole bitcoin cuz its still so expensive…then maybe like 3 or 4 thousand ada… than in an upward bounce in the future id have alot more to get toward 1 whole btc…trying to be strategic.