Printcrypto.IO Are they trustworthy?

I need to vet this company. They will ship within 72HRs and is around the same price as Bitmain website. I am looking to get my S19J Pro 104TH soon and up working. My money is not making me money and I am stressing.

Reviews are good, I have contacted them and they ship out of HONG KONG. 7-10 days is their claim. Can anyone confirm this for me?

I’ve commented about them in other threads. So far, I’ve had 2:2 success rate with them, a LT5 Pro and as of yesterday, a KD5. I found them (really just one guy, I think) to be very communicative. But do your own due diligence. Everybody has different risk tolerances.

There’s a lot that you can find online if you do some digging. I’d start with a corporation search and then search on the owner himself. Also, PrintCrypto accepts US domestic bank wire transfers. Opening a business bank account in the US is intrusive due to banking KYC requirements. I’ve been through it. Once you open a bank account and can be tracked right down to your personal address, it’s tough to hide from law enforcement and/or legal action. Cold comfort but there’s at least more recourse than dealing with some reseller based in China.

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