Problem with KDA transfer from Zelcore

Does anybody have problem with transfer from Zelcore wallet for Kadena

I do. I would like to know if anyone has fixed this issue. I keep getting error message.

I had a lot of issues with Zelcore. If it’s on Exodus, that’s where I would go.

Zelcore has acknowledge an issue with KDA. Check the notifications icon. If you have Coinmetro you can send KDA there. I have had good experience with Coinmetro.

Coinmetro does work. You can send coins to your Coinmetro account without a problem. But it you ever want to move them from Coinmetro to Zelcore (or anywhere else) then you’ll need to go through full KYC with a CEX that’s based in Estonia, which might or not be a problem for some people.

This isn’t disclosed upfront. It’s only when you try to withdraw that Coinmetro eventually will tell you that you must KYC. I had some KDA but mostly FLUX stranded on Coinmetro and was forced to KYC in order to get my coins off their exchange. I wasn’t happy . . . especially when they told me that I needed to upload one of my utility bills as further proof of address, only to have some Estonian Coinmetro onboarding rep telling me that my US electric bill was “fake” (and it absolutely wasn’t).

Though I’m now KYC’d, I avoid Coinmetro after previously having been drip fed onboarding requirements (I was cleared, then I wasn’t, then I was only after I provided more info) plus their overall instrusiveness simply rubbed me the wrong way.

I primarily use Zelcore as I haven’t had issues with it since January, though this seems to be an issue for the OP.

Alternatively, I use Kucoin as they don’t KYC (or better said, it’s encouraged but not forced . . . at least not yet), though Kucoin can get glitchy with KDA wallets. In the past, KDA wallets have been down for 1-2 weeks as Kucoin corrects whatever coding glitch is causing security concerns.

After the latest PACT 4.4 release, everyone has had issues with transfers because the gas fees were raised. Try adjusting the gas limit. Original default is 800. Adjust it to 3000 and you should be able to send KDA just fine.

For an example, poolflare payouts were failing after the update, the fix was to adjust the gas limit to 3000.

I was having issues with X-Wallet, after adjusting gas limit to 3000, I can transfer just fine.

Gas fees are still very cheap at when set to 3000 FYI…

I believe all wallets and pools have / or are working on updates to re-adjust the default gas limits that work with the new update

I have been having similar kyc issues with FTX, and they are US. Trying to put my buisness on there so to easily convert coin to fiat. They want more, more, this isn’t right do it again, now send us a video…I even asked them what was next, send them flowers? The account is set up, still working on link to bank. If it doesn’t work soon, they can go on their merry way.

For KDA, and others, I also send to kucoin. Tried to KYC with them for the reason above, but could not find the US in the country section. Maybe if I sent them flowers…

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Yeah, I thought that Coinmetro was going to request a blood sample. They finally relented when I pointed them to my power company’s web site and after I asked them to specifically describe what it was about my US electricity bill that didn’t ring true to an onboarding rep living in Tallin. Fwiw, and for all my whining about Coinmetro, all of their correspondences were very professional.

I can’t speak to FTX. I try to avoid US CEXs as I know they have to KYC. I’m loathe to KYC for crypto exchanges.

Kucoin isn’t the greatest, but it gets the job done. I’ve moved quite a bit of crypto through Kucoin without a hitch and no need to KYC. While I haven’t tried it, I believe that you can’t move fiat from Kucoin to a bank etc without going through KYC - though I could be wrong on this.

Okcoin requires KYC’ing, But Okcoin has been working well for me in the USA and with KDA. Probably one of the easiest exchanges I’ve used. You send KDA to Okcoin. You can send it out with zero fees. You can liquidate it or buy KDA with low fees. And you can ACH deposit or withdraw with no fees…

They also allow business accounts, KYC’ing with a business account was a bit more work but not unbearable.

I do recommend Okcoin for anyone in the USA and wanting an exchange to buy / liquidate KDA straight from or to your bank account with low or no fees.

Good to know, will check it out. Thanks