Problem with my amd gpu

Hi i have a problem with my rx 570 8gb for a few day

Im new to mining and i buy 6 rx570 (3 asus and 3 msi) each have 8 gb or ram they all brand new and i can’t start mining i try with nicehash and i can not benchmark they send me error .

I try with cudominer they give me error all jobs failling …

I try with cudomimier os and again i can not conect to a job .

I try all these step with my 1070 ti and all works fine can someone please help me !

increase virtual memory

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If that doesnt work, then you may need to manually input your speed into the algo thru the Nicehash benchmark. I had to. After one of their last updates, none of my AMD (580, 5500, Radeon VII) would auto bench. I just entered in their max Mhs into each cards algo settings and they have been working fine. Frankly, i feel like those algorithms are targeting AMD chipsets, but i have no actual proof. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I increase to 40000?

on nhs im runing 6x580 bellow 48000 not working

try putting it on a machine in linux with a mining OS such as HiveOS or SMOS

Also make sure the gpu is set to “compute” and not graphics in the amd software…if your card has dual bios make sure to move the switch

switch not need to move same as compute if you use correct drivers. my rx 580 run without touch switch or on windows change to compute, mining os are plug and play already set up compute, switch same dont do nothing you switch or not nothing different

new rig running 1month 2weeks without any failure smooth and stable

Was just speaking of my experience with mine…I have 2 XFX 580’s and neither would get good hash rates until I changed them…

xfx can do similar hash around 30-31mhs per card xfx 580 gtrs can pull 41mhs