Problems with adding new GPU to existing Rig

Hi all,

I have a massive problem with adding 2 new GPUs to my existing Rig.
Well… Rig is maybe to much. I have to RX580 XFX running since 2017.
Not permanent but the run.

Now I bought to new RX580 XFX to add them to the rig.
the Afterburner see the cards also NIcehash see the cards.
But as soon as I start the benchmark or start for example Claymore I got blackscreen and have to re boot.
Or blue Screen and Windows tells me there is a problem and have to reboot.

I dont do any kind of BIOS mooding I only use the mining swich on the card and after burner.
Windows 10, I use Crimson Beta driver and have an ASROCK H110 Pro Mainboard

can anyone help?

thanks in advance

Don’t use Claymore any longer. Use Phoenix Miner 5.3b or T-Rex Miner 19.1

yes, thanks.
But the problem dont comes from the minier I guess I have the same problems just with benchmarking at nicehash.

You know just let it run easy…