Problems with s21

what thermal pace is good to use on an ASIC. I believe the batch of S21 haven bad thermal paste. and I’m having overheating issues on chips, shutting down. Any one else seeing this.

Haven’t experienced it but I heard some s21s have had the protective film still in place with thermal paste on top of it.
If you want the undisputed best thermal paste that will outlast your miner go with the PTM7950. Its a thermal pad (cut to size) and an absolute power house for thermal dissipation. Can be difficult to work with though there’s youtube tutorials for that.
If you’re looking for a tube application artic mx4 is my go to. Artic MX-4 not long ago was the benchmark for thermal paste tube application (don’t get artic mx5 its discontinued and recalled it can still be found though)
Grizzly Kryonaut is said to be the new best thermal paste, I have not used it

I have 10 s21 down out of 16. Chip overheating this batch must have problems.

What horrible luck. First batch?