Profit switching pools

Hello everyone, I have been out of the mining game for over a year, but just bought a new 8 gpu mining rig to play with. Are there any good profit switching pools out there for gpu’s that are consistently more profitable than Nicehash? I have honestly forgotten most of the pools I used with my old rig. I have been mining Raven on F2Pool with the two gpu’s in my gaming rig, but it seems as though Nicehash is just as profitable these days.

I’m on ( for almost 2 years. If you use it in combination with Awesome Miner, you can even setup your own switching rules. It has auto exchange features, where you can select more then 25 different coins to get paid out (not just BTC, but ETH, ETC, RVN, XMR …). You can mine RVN and ETH, but get paid in Monero for example.

Thanks for the reply Spindler. I forgot about MiningPoolHub. I actually logged in and found $50 worth of BTC I had left on there still! Awesome Miner is the software I was using on my old rig, so I downloaded it again to test and re-familiarize with on my gaming rig. My new mining rig has been paid for, and I’m just waiting on it to be shipped now. I’m excited to join the game again, I had alot of fun mining in 2017 and 2018.

you’re very welcome. I have tried many other pools, but I always go back to MiningPoolHub, the fees are reasonable, the setup is not too complicated even for a beginner and the advantage is simply to get paid in whatever you want, not just bitcoin. hope you have fun with the new rig.