Profitable Mini ASIC Miner! Goldshell CK-BOX Review & Tutorial

Goldshell has made another profitable mining rig and it’s even a mini miner! Let’s review the Goldshell CK-BOX Nervos Network CKB ASIC mining rig and how to setup a Goldshell ASIC miner!
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VoskCoin has been mining Nervos Network CKB since 2019 with their incentivized testnet mining and then dual ETH GPU mining and then FPGA mining and finally ASIC mining Nervos Network CKB coins on the eaglesong mining algorithm. Goldshell now produces the most profitable and efficient Nervos CKB ASIC mining rigs including their Goldshell CK5 but today we are reviewing their small and profitable mini box miner the Goldshell CK-Box. Mining CKB is profitable and easy, I’m doing it in my basement off a simple 120v outlet! Let’s review the Goldshell ckbox mini asic miner and how to set up your mining rig to start earning passive income mining crypto in 2021!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 A mini miner for your home ck-box miner
01:26 Mini-miner vs Big ASIC miners
03:57 Nervos Network CKB mining overview
05:34 BitLevex
06:03 CK-box specifications and requirements
08:26 is where I store my CKB
10:07 How to configure the CKBOX to mine CKB?
11:10 Equalizer finance EQZ
14:18 CKBOX profitability
17:16 Conclusions Should you buy a CKBOX?

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Profitable Mini ASIC Miner! Goldshell CK-BOX Review & Tutorial