Profits on a Asic A10pro+

guys wanted to see if someone could help me out.

my friend and I have 2 Innosilicon A10 Pro+ 7g. We have them with this guy that runs them for us. Things are kinda off. The payout was on the 1st of Jan. my friend got .26ETH and I got .11ETH.
we both bought the asics the same time and both have been connected to the pool. When I brought this up to the guy that is hosting our machine. he told me the following :slight_smile:

  1. Asic have widely varying hash rates.

  2. Asics are more sensitive to the difficulty

  3. There are more variables at play, thatโ€™s why I got .11ETH and others got .26ETH

  4. top of all this we have Ethereum difficulty chart at all-time high.

    I know #4 is correct but the other 1,2, and 3?
    are the excuses legit or fake? thank you guys