Proof of stake -EtHash

If I buy a miner that mines on the EtHash algorithm, and ethereum changes to proof of stake, will it affect the rest of the coins on that algorithm? Or just ethereum will be unmindable?

It will just affect ETH. You can continue and mine the rest.


It will affect rest of coins… All Hashrate will go on other coins , and you will face raise of difficulty , and with raise of difficulty , profitability will decrease…

I think is bad idea …

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I read an interesting article a month ago, I wish I would have book marked it. It was a person who was extremely knowledgeable with cryptocurrency blockchains mining and all of the above. He was a huge ethereum guy with a tremendous amount of knowledge on the ethereum network, he had stated that mining difficulty would increase to the amount that if you were to mine ethereum classic the profitability would be 20% less than what it currently is because of the rise and difficulty. He did state that this was just an estimate but a very close and best guess estimate.


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Based on your comment. So is that article recommending or hinting to mine the other ethash tokens before the drop? If you can get more tokens for hash power today, and the hash rate for them will increase. Might that hint to the idea that as hashrates increase, so might prices.
I understand ‘anything can happen’ , but I’m always on the look out for a good HODL run.
What are your thoughts on this angle? Did the article make you wonder if you should be mining ETH classic now ?
Hypothetically asking, If a person mined ETH classic or ETH today until 2.0 , which do you think might be more profitable? (if mined > hodl’ed> sold after 2.0 drop)

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