PSU for 4 mini doges

I am new to mining and wanted to get input on the safest way to power 4 mini doge miners.

Would it be safe to power 4 mini doges on one PSU with greater than 932 watts with a 120v outlet (standard US outlet)? Or would it be safer to power 2 mini doges on each PSU? If its safer to power two mini doges on one PSU, can these two PSU’s be on the same circuit and in the same room?

Grab a bitmain apw3 psu.

Yes you can power 4 on one PSU on a single outlet. That would be about 9 amps on the 15 amp circuit. Just watch what else is on that circuit with it. Also it doesn’t matter if you are powering two on one PSU x2 or all 4 on a single PSU. What matters is the total load on the circuit.

Thank you for the help

Thanks for the help

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