Pulse Bitcoin. Any one heard of it?

Has any one ever heard of pulse bitcoin? I was told about it by a friend. He gave me the website and all of that, I just had never heard of it. Does any one have any info?

Give us more info.
PULSE is an ERC token.
Then there’s Electronero Pulse, a fork of a fork of a fork of Electronero.
Let’s see that website link.

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this is the only thing I could find A shit website and a twitter account but it’s called “Bitcoin Pulse” so unsure if that’s what you’re referring to.

also found this ticker on the dex screener which calls it pulse bitcoin

this coin has been alive for ~65 days and went from $30 to $0.004 in the first day bounced and has been bleeding since.

most likely a scam coin.


Hi! I haven’t actually heard about Pulse Bitcoin before, but I’m curious now! If you find any info or have some insights, please share them here. I’d love to know more about it too!

Yeah, I’ve heard a bit about Pulse Bitcoin. It’s gaining some attention lately. I’d recommend doing some research and maybe starting with their website to get a feel for it. Remember, always be cautious with crypto investments and do your due diligence. Speaking of safe crypto investments, I recently stumbled upon the Immediate Edge platform, and I’ve been quite impressed. They leverage some advanced technologies and tools that have really helped me invest more profitably and boost my crypto income. It’s always a good idea to explore new avenues to enhance your crypto journey.

Yes I’m sure it’s been gaining heaps of attention with its $1,926 24 hour trading volume come on bots you’re better then this