Purchasing a G1 Mini Grin Miner

Quick question, I’m purchasing a G1 Mini grin miner from iPollo but there website is having work so you can’t purchase it on there. I messaged them on twitter and was told to email somebody @ipollo.com. I emailed them and I am able to purchase it but I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this experience? I want to make sure I am for sure not getting scammed as this is my first time buying

Yes ,I purchased two G1 mini Grins last month from them .I had to contact iPollo from website sales to tell them what I wanted to order .They emailed me a invoice along with wire instructions ,I did have to wire them money and got a email confirmation a few days later ,received miners about 10 days later .

I also ordered from iPollo alredy via email. Process as described above. Many documents to fill in before purchase, Sales Contract, Commitment letter, KYC form. Wire transfer to their bank account. I am still waiting for unit so can confirm once it is received. They are offering discount now for G1 Mini with price slightly below 700 USD.

Same here but the person from sales never replied me