Purchasing Antminer L7

Good morning people! First off Vosk ur videos are incredible! Really enjoy how fun and informative they are. I’m looking to purchase around 5 units of the antminer L7. @VoskCoin Can you please tell me which site is safe to purchase from? This will be my first asic and there are lots of sites which aren’t the best. One site in particular that I’m trying to verify is Crypto miner bros. Please let me know if they are 100% trustworthy and also if I should be comfortable paying using crypto/ money transfer. Can you please also recommend another 2 companies that you trust? Thanks a million!! Crypto to the moon!


I am new and have been on the forum asking the same questions!!! Apparently no one wants to help others get started!! I wish you luck

Not a fair comment, if you take the time to read the other threads with the exact same question, this is a difficult question with not a clear answer. You are best building relationships on alibaba in my opinion for the best prices and consistency but buying direct will always be cheaper, but try to find a manufacturer with stock.

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do you have any recommendations for reliable alababa sellers to consider?

I’ve been looking for reliable L7 sellers also. BT miners is reliable from what Ive read. Havent bought anything yet but probably who I will use if I pull the trigger. They also let you use a credit card according to the website. USA based.

I’ve also been looking at Print Crypto. having a hard time finding any info about them, so if anyone has experience please share. I like that they are in the USA (TX) but the price is lower which makes me hesitant.

Very interested in any other reliable sellers as well

go to www.printcrypto.io they are legitimate company located in austin, tx I ordered 2 s19pro and received them. don’t try to buy from a legitimate company at lowest price. you won’t find one. i could’ve bought kd5 at $19,000 but I told myself that was too expensive. now it’s selling for $35,000 at bt-miners!

bt-miners charge you tax on top of the price they list on their site. unless other legitimate vendors are all out of stock, I wouldn’t use them.