Purchasing asic question

What do you think would be a trusted place to get a new asic? Rather not go Through the place I went through last time They took 38 days before it was delivered.

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What are you looking for and where do you live?

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ASIC Marketplace is reliable.

Have bought from Altair, same place I got PDUs.

Required a Bank Wire Transfer, once they have received the money, they ship the miners…no problem.

Also Whatsminer from China, they delivered, got what I ordered in about a week or two, of course I had to pay via Wire Transfer to the Chinese Bank, they provide the information for their Bank, once their bank has the funds, they release the product. There is an extra Customs fee when buying from China.

It was simple enough to do yourself, no need for a third party.

China Sends you an Invoice and their Bank’s Wire information.

You wire the money to the bank, follow up with an email to let them know to look for the Wire Transfer.

Once the funds are in their account, they release the product to be shipped here in the USA.

Canada was harder than any of the above, because you have to have a US Customs Agent if buying from Canada in the US or a Canadian Customs Agent if buying from the US and shipping to Canada. I would definitely source Miners from the original vendor or someone here in the states to avoid the custom fee.