Purchasing NRG via Kucoin

Can someone please point me in the right direction purchasing NRG via Kucoin and showing me how to import it for staking NRG.

do you already have an account with Kucoin? Do you know how to fund your account and how to trade coins yet?

once you do that they have a tab labelled “Earn” under that tab you can choose soft staking or “pool-x” pool-x requires a separate account from your main kucoin account but it appears to offer the best return on your investment.

Yes, I have an account created. But how do I get it my NRGs imported to Energi Core for staking?

I’m trying to run Energi staking software via cli

Are you trying to purchase the NRG on kucoin and then move it to your Node Wallet? to do that you just have to go to your NRG wallet after you have purchased some and then click withdraw and it will let you enter you wallet address. If you are trying to stake it on Kucoin you should use Pool-X

You can send BTC or ETH to your KuCoin account via Coinbase. From there, you can move the BTC/ETH to your trading account from your main account. Once it is in your trading account you can transfer the BTC/ETH to NRG. Then, move the NRG from trading back to main. From the main account you can send it to your Energi Core Wallet and set up staking.

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