PYLON is combining their GPU Mining Farm Revenue w/ DeFi!

They said massive GPU mining farm and DeFi tokenomics and I was instantly interested. Pylon Finance are combining their GPU mining farm they claim to be the biggest in the USA with their new DeFi token!
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Obviously, we love earning passive income with cryptocurrency, and combining a crypto gpu mining farm with DeFi liquidity mining and yield farming seems like it could be the best combination of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance! Pylon.Finance has launched their PYLON token, an erc-20 token tradeable on Uniswap, the most popular decentralized exchange, ever. Add a Starcraft themed name and logo, you know I’m a sucker and will throw a little bit of ETH at it LOL! Anyway, let’s review PYLON by Pylon Finance one of the newest DeFi coins that combines mining farm revenue with Decentralized Finance yield farming, staking, vaults, and liquidity mining!

You should really review this Pylon Finance review that has more information and all of the relevant links!
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