Question about power consumption

I am looking into buying a miner that states its power consumption is “2400W”.

I am curious if that means that is how much energy it consumes in one day, or per hour.

I do know that a watt is a measurement of energy…

Per hour.

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It takes 2400 watts to power that unit. Meaning, to turn it on and run it.

240 Volts divided by 2400 watts gives you 10amps continuous power usage.

@DJL thanks for the clarification. so 2400w per hour, and 57,600w per day. Sheesh I need solar panels, ha.

I am using this online calculator and it is giving me numbers that are WAY off. I put in 2400w, being used 24 hours a day, and then my electricity cost of 0.10 per kwh, and it is way cheaper than it should be. Am I doing something wrong?

Remember your utility charges you per kilowatt hour. So 2400w x 24 hours =57,700. But you pay per kilowatt hour so you divide 57,700 by 1000(a kilowatt is 1000 watts) and you get 57.5. Multiply that by your electricity rate and get your daily cost. $5.77


ahhhh, the lightbulb just came on. Thank you SO much for that explanation!

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