Question about Powering GPUs

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I’ve added a 5600XT to my 5700XT + GTX 1060 rig, but now I realized that I can’t run all three if I want to power the GPU’s / Riser’s with PCIE cables because of the amount of VGA connectors on my power supply. What would be your solution? To get another power supply, if so, which one? (I have space for 8 cards in total on the rig, so If I need to get a big power supply, which should I go for?)

I have the option to power the risers with sata of course, but I do not want to do this because of the potential fire hazard. This leaves me using all 4 VGA connectors on my power supply to power two cards, as well as their risers…

Here is the power supply that I am currently using:

There’s a lot of factors here. You need to add up your cards (and cards you plan to add in the future), the mobo, the CPU and 70 watts per riser. Then get a power supply that can pull sufficiently more watts than your total watts.

I’ve seen it recommended that you use up no more than 80% of your PSU’s capacity. Take whatever number you get from adding up all your gear and divide that number by 0.8 It should look like:
Your Needs / 0.8 = PSU Capacity.

Be really careful when deciding on how you want to run your wiring. It appears, though I’m not 100% sure, you can split 2 risers per each molex connector, but that’s not to say you can put 8 on like a 4 daisy chain molex. I mean for each connector to the PSU you can run 2 risers. For your GPU I don’t think splitting power is appropriate, so they’d each need their own 6+2 from the PSU directly. My research also suggests SATAs aren’t great for risers. 6 pins are as good or better than molex, but rated at 75w each so you’d need one for each riser AND one for each GPU. Although my research suggests this IS the safest and most stable option.

Some people will grab 2 PSUs to get the necessary connections, whether they’re ATX or Server PSUs. Since you already have a PSU adding another one wouldn’t be a bad idea, most mining frames are designed to accommodate 2 PSUs. Unless you’re on the mining expert (19 gpu) board you’ll need one of those goofy lookin’ 24 pin things that just has like 2 of the pins connected, this will turn on the 2nd power supply since only 1 PSU will get a signal to fire up from most mobos.

Thank you for the info!
Would you recommend this ATX Power Supply?
…or is there anything else?

or in general, what other power supplies would you recommend? (i just saw reviews on that atx power supply and it was pretty bad)

you cant split 1x molex or 1x sata for 2x risers only one plug per riser other wise you will burn your house. buy asic s9 psu and power up just risers psus very cheap and no hazard egen you power up 12x riser

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I don’t have any experience with the off brand PSUs that are specifically branded for mining. That’s a good price so long as it’s a good power supply. I got the Rosewill Hercules 1600 and love it but it looks sold out right now. I can’t recall what I paid for it.

One thing that one you linked has going for it, is a good quantity of power cables, you can power the risers with the molex and / or the sata, and then you have 12ea of the 8 pins, so that has a lot going for it.

Or you could power each GPU with 1 of the 8 pins, and then split the remaining four 8 pin connectors to power the 8 risers. You’d have to buy splitters but I think that’s the preferred way to go.

I might grab that PSU though and use it for my rig too. I’m deciding between that kind of off brand thing and a server PSU.

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no reason pay for expensive branded psu as it nothing special you pay for brand name cheap psus also working well if you use your brain and dont do stupid things like most people do split single pcie 8pin to power 2x gpu and 2x risers or 1x sata for 2x riser

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im use his psus no problem at all i got some evga,crosair psus it nothing special between branded and cheap psu was differences cheapest fans are little bit louder and use between 10-20watt more for his differences no pint pay 2x more for branded psus. o most my setup 6x gpu i use 2x psu for 6x gpu plus risers power up be sata mining just eth or etc for mixed coins use same setup but risers are power up with asic s9 psu

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I might try and get the one you just suggested me, the Rosewill Hercules 1600.
How loud is it for you? I’m hoping that it isn’t too loud, as I have my rig out in the living room.
Thank you once again, :slight_smile:

when you power up risers, do you use a pcie cable? or do you do a sata with an adapter at the end to plug into 6 pin riser?

for 6x gpu eth-etc mining i use atx psu power sata no adapters as my risers have sata port, for 12x gpu im use asic s9 psu as asic psu have 10x pcie 6pin 2x spliter and power up 12x risers from single asic psu

Whenever you can avoid adapters, try to do so. Look around at different riser cards, and realize you get what you pay for in terms of their quality. Look at their power options, some have multiple options, others are either 6 pin or SATA but not the other.

Edit: Also, nice risers aren’t THAT much money. I don’t know the brand but the red colored ones with a blue and red indicators have been the best ones in my experience. They also have either 6 pin or SATA

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Yes, thank you! I have gotten splitters and it allows me to power more GPU’s. I will get another power supply soon if I decide to get more cards. :slight_smile: