Question for AMD gpu’s and AMD software (RESOLVED

Yesterday my 2 other gpu’s finally got installed and when I fired up the rig I installed my bios mod onto them. I’m trying to mine ETC with them and when I went to open my AMD software to adjust the OC settings it only picked up 2 of the 3 gpu’s and when I tried to select the gpu that’s not highlighted the software would crash. Eventually I got it to start mining but the miner only picked up 2 of the gpu’s as well. I have 3 rx570’s 1 8gb and 2 4gb. Before I had the 2 4gb’s the 8gb ran perfectly. But when I had the rig running with the all of the gpu’s it wouldn’t pick up my 8gb or so I think. Does amd software read and synchronize the same gpu’s and display them as 1 gpu? When I opened msi afterburner it showed all the gpu’s but it’d only let me adjust 2 of the 3 rx570’s. So before I went to bed last night I went ahead a uninstalled the driver with DDU and I’m going to reinstall it when I get home. Has anyone had the problem? Also my Nvidia are running tip top on the same rig.

Got it working, had to remove the modded bios for all my gpu’s and find a new driver, after reverting all of the bios mods back to factory, I did the one click timing in Polaris for a mild bios mod and then applied my ETH OC settings from mining ETH and downloaded NBminer to test gpu’s and honestly, so far I’m very pleased.

running 2 nvidia 1660ti gaming x, 1 rx570 gaming x 8gb, 3 rx570 gaming x 4gb on 1 rig
hottest gpu is 50c

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Nice system. Glad you got it working… It’s a money making machine now. I just got the program installed and trying it out now. Hoping to see my first 1000 satoshi’s by the morning. I’m only running a desktop with an ROG Strix B450 AMD Ryzen 6 core 8GB RAM, Raedon RX 590 card on a Sandisk 2gb Nvme drive. It works for gaming pretty well… but for this kind of processing… it’s slow or just fast enough to get 'er done.