Question for anyone willing to answer

What would be a good Asic Miner To get now that I actually talk to someone about my power change my plan and now my kilowatch per hour is 0.06

I haven’t bought any ASIC miners yet. However, I can tell you that I’m seeking the most efficient miners possible. Especially, considering the upcoming halving and the move towards 415V miners. It will be difficult for home miners to be profitable, unless they have access to much more than 220V 100A service (regardless of price per kwh). And the reason for that is, because, we’re all limited to about 80% of rated power for a household. Safety, alone, will prevent a lot of miners.

I would say give a look and determine what works best for you. Either spread out your power over multiple coins or go all in a crazy BTC miner. See what works for you.


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