Question looking for general answers!

what should be the max temperature you should let the room where your asic miners are setup get to ? I know cooler is always better but just wondering for my knowledge! TIA

90F-100F Max ideally. 50-70F should be the target.

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Did you really mean F? All my asics run from 60-90C. Goldshell told me that under 100C was normal for one of my “box” miners.

Edit: oops. I re-read the question. You are correct.

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If I were concerned about this I would ask the manufacturer of the specific miner. I asked Goldshell on one of mine and they responded with <100C.

Scratch the above. I just realized what you asked. When my room hits 80F my GPU miners get hot, I haven’t really paid much attention to the asics when that happens because I have a monitoring program that will alert me if they get out of hand.

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Sorry, I was referring to the ambient temp in the room. You are right the equipment itself can get up to 80C without any major issues. Can’t say I’d be comfortable with the hardware over 80C, Goldshell themselves sets a kill switch at 80C.

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yeah equipment has never really change temp just want to make sure I don’t let to room get so hot they start to get warmer then they should ! thanks tho !


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