Question on electrical requirements on ASIC miners

Hi, I’m a new member and a relatively speaking new miner.

I recently purchased two ASICS (I’m a GPU miner primarily) and I want to ensure that my electrical setup is not going to cause any issues.

The two ASICs I bought were a) Innosilicon A10 Pro (500Mh/s) and b) Antminer L++ (580Mh/s). However, after finding out both require 220V regardless of the fact that they pull in relatively low wattage (<1000W) I was curious if all I need to do is simply change the outlet from a 120V outlet to a 220V outlet. I have multiple dedicated lines that each have their own 20amp circuit breaker.

However, I noticed that for all the 220V powercords associated with these types of miners, they are all 15amp max.

  1. Do I need to decrease my 20amp circuit breaker from 20amp to 15amp?
  2. If not do I need to get a 20amp capable 220V powercord?
  3. Would it be too much power to upgrade my circuit breaker from a 20amp to 30amp to squeeze more wattage out for any given dedicate line or will this fry the circuitry for my GPU rigs and/or ASIC miners.
  4. Finally, any good place to get the appropriate powercords for these two ASIC miners?

Thanks for all the help!


the power cords that have 15amp max means that’s all that cord can handle is 15 amps. you have to find what your machine output is in amps, use this. That miner should pull just at 4.3 amps so technically all you need to do is switch the outlet to 220 and keep the same breaker. Its always good to use the 80% rule on breakers, if you have a 20amp breaker I would not use anything that would pull over 16 amps on it as it will keep tripping the breaker. Hope that helps